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Broken Spring Repair

A broken spring is a common cause of garage door malfunction in Pleasant Hill, and if you've ever experienced this problem, you know it can be difficult to get the door open. It's more common than you might think and is one of the leading causes for needing garage door repair in Pleasant Hill.The springs on your garage door do some heavy lifting - quite literally. They carry most of the weight when your garage door opens or closes. Springs can become worn over the course of time, as with any mechanical device.

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Why Do Springs Break?

A number of factors contribute to this: weather conditions (especially extreme cold), lack of maintenance, or simply age and use. Overuse without proper care often leads to these crucial components breaking down sooner rather than later.Your daily usage also plays into how long your springs last; if you're frequently opening and closing your garage doors multiple times a day, expect them to have shorter lifespans.

Spotting The Signs Of A Broken Spring

If your opener struggles to lift the door but there’s no apparent issue with it – consider checking the springs first. Also keep an ear out for loud noises from the spring area when operating as it could be another telltale sign.

Rafael Garage Door Repair To The Rescue.

We at Rafael Garage Door Repair specialize in fixing such issues swiftly. We understand how disruptive a malfunctioning garage door can be which is why we prioritize efficient service while maintaining top-notch quality standards.

  • We diagnose whether both springs need replacement or only one does so that unnecessary expenses are avoided.
  • In case other parts of your garage door are affected by the broken spring, we also offer services to fix those.
  • Our experts have years of experience under their belt which lets us give you a quick turnaround time for getting your garage back in action.

You don't need to worry about safety either - our team ensures that all repair work is done following strict guidelines and procedures. We're not just interested in fixing what's broken; we want to make sure it stays fixed.

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Don't let a faulty garage door weigh you down; choose Rafael Garage Door Repair in Pleasant Hill, CA for affordable and efficient services that guarantee peace of mind.

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